Posted on September 1, 2019 11:51 am

The Best Autumn Candy

Sadly, summer is over. Perhaps you’re just coming back from your final holiday of the year, or noticing that your favourite American candy from summer are looking depressingly colourful for a time of year when things get a little more orange and brown.

Fear not, Autumn is also a time of year where you can put on your favourite knitted jumper, comfy warm socks and get cosy around the fire. There’s bonfire night, Halloween and Thanksgiving to look forward to as well.

Of course, there’s the run up to Christmas to get totally depressed about but we’ll come to that later on. Autumn, for all intents and purposes is about warming spicy flavours and foods, as well as comfort cooking and enjoying the leaves falling from the trees and spectacular sunsets.

If you’re feeling like this is an advert for Autumn, then fear not, we’re just here to support you as the nights draw in and bring you some positivity as the sunshine waves goodbye until next year.

We’ve picked you some of our favourite Autumn candy, and some recipes to go with them to help you out over the coming longer nights.

Jolly Rancher Fire

The original famous Jolly Rancher brand, which now appear to have taken over the world, offer as many flavours for their iconic candy as you can really imagine. What we’re concerned with here, of course, is which flavour is going to put some warmth in your belly on the colder nights.

The fire flavour should certainly do the trick, with cinnamon being the main spice flavour within these hard and soft candy chews.

Either just on their own or as part of something bigger, they’re sure to warm you up across Autumn when you’re getting ready to go to the bonfire display.

We’ve found a great recipe for this which you can find here